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    Anybody have this problem?

    Rebuilding a pump stator the other day and had this issue-bearings went in fine but when I went to put in the rear shaft seal, it wouldnt fit. It was like the outer diameter of the seal was just to big. The front seal went in fine and the diameter of the two were identical. The stator is a SS 6 vein and the rebuild kit from SBT. I have rebuilt stators several times and never ran into this problem. Put a cheap set of calipers on the inside diameter of the bore of the stator and the rear was sure enough at least 1/16 in. smaller than the front ???

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    Rear shaft seal in the jet pump stator?

    There are two stator bearings, one in front, one in the back. And two seals, both in the front.

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    Oops! Your right K447. They both go up front. My bad

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