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    something electrical?

    I just finally have my 2001 slh (700) running. Day 1 (the test) it ran great. No problems at all. Ended up riding around 20 miles on it and went home. Two days later I took it out again and hit a few good waves and then all of a sudden my guages went out and It wouldn't run over a 1/4 of a throttle(it didn't bog out it's like it was running on 1 cylinder) Opened up the e-box to see if anything looked burned out and it looked fine. I did find a loose washer(idk how it got in there loose but i did just replace the e-board and lr module) also the neg cable was loose in the battery. sorry for the long post just want to make sure I tell everything.
    EDIT: Pretty sure its running only on rear cylinder. pull the wire for the front off and sounds just the same as it does with it on but won't crank or run without rear cyl plug plugged in. How do you go about testing a coil or cdi?

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    Man, I totally forgot about that link. Thanks

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