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Thread: Sponson Inserts

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    Sponson Inserts

    I have a 2003 Polaris Virage (carbed model) and it serves the purpose of a "family ski." It stays in NC at my Aunt's house, and sees use whenever someone comes to visit. Therefore, when I am not around, it may get mistreated

    So last labor day weekend some people were down there riding. Not 100% sure how it happened, but all but 1 of the bolts that hold the sponson on completely sheared off. The front bolt was the one that held on and the sponson just swung freely around it. My Uncle decided that he would try to fix it. Rather than using an extractor kit, he just used a drill bit to remove the bolts that were sheared.

    Unfortunately, he used a drill bit bigger than the hole in the brass insert - thus destroying them. So now I am trying to figure out how to get the sponson back on. I can tap the inserts and use a bigger bolt, or I can buy new inserts. Looking for the inserts I came across this micro-fiche. Under the HULL and BODY section is this picture, and I'm not sure which is the brass inserts, or if they are even separate from the hull for that matter. Are the brass inserts number 20 possibly?

    Anyone have any insight as to what I can do? Definitely at a standstill right now, any help is appreciated

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    I had a 95-750 with no sponsons, I used some aluminum inserts and used the factory template for the location of the holes, and epoxied them in real good and they work good, you can buy just a couple of the inserts from any fastener shop, depending on how big the hole is now if you have to fill in the hole and re-drill, below is just a sample picture of what they look like up close, and not the right size,

    Rivet Nut, Knurl, Rivet Nut, Knurled, Aluminum, Plain Finish, Thread Size 1/4-20, Grip Range 0.165 to 0.260 In, Hole Size 25/64 In, Drill Size Q, Length 0.692 In, Head Dia 0.500 In, Head Height 0.028 In, Body Diameter 0.390 In, Flange Diameter 0.500 In, Package 40

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    Ok, looks like I'm buying some rivet nuts. I was looking at the specs at Rivetdirect and Rivetsinstock and I'm not 100% sure which ones I need. From reading the thread linked above, it seems like 5/16-18 is the best one to go with. This leaves me with 2 choices - only difference being grip length. Does anyone know which one I need? Grip length of 0.027-0.150 or 0.150-0.312?

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