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    Warning Indicator

    I have a Yamaha 2005 VX 100 deluxe with the warning indicator going off while it is being run. The last year it was not used very often but this issue has happened in years past when it got good use. While flushing the engine it can run forever and the warning indicator never goes off. While it is being used on the water the warning indicator will eventually go off. Water is coming out the tail and there does not appear to be any blockage.

    I held the select button for 8 seconds while the engine was running and the code is 01. I was ready for maintenance and the tech also confirmed that there was not any blockage and that while being flushed for a long time the warning alarm never goes off. Gas? I am at a loss...

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    i'm having the same problem with an 06 fx cruiser, can the codes be checked the same way. is this a common problem?

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    The codes can be checked using a Yamaha service manual under troubleshooting. You can typically find them online in PDF format and your dealer should have one anyways.

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