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    96 GSX losing power

    Put it in the water, rode about 2 hours a day for three days, on the third day it doesnt have all the power. It will still rev up like normal, but doesnt have the acceleration or the top speed. I was just riding it and it started to act like this, it doesnt sound like a fuel issue, but could it be? I know the motor has been to group K, but it looks like there might be gray gas lines in there still.

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    your wear ring could be eaten up, if the rpms are the same then you are cavitating

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    will i be able to look at it and know? It doesnt seem have any cavitation, when you punch it the power isnt there, it doesnt bog down at all either.

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    The rpms would be higher and the mph lower with a worn wear ring. The grey fuel lines are just waiting to destroy your engine by causing a lean seizure. You need to get them out, clean the internal filters on the carbs, and clean the fuel selector.

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    Forgot to mention that when its out of water on the lift idle is only at 1400 anthe motor kinda clunks if u give it sudden gas. I'm not thinkin its the wear ring, but bought it anyways for PM

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    I've just replaced my fuel lines with some from NAPA and I needed about 20' and had plenty left over.

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    if you replaced your fuel lines but did not rebuilt and clean the carbs this could be your problem. also did you clean/check your fuel selector switch? carb filters could be gunked up and same with the fuel selector

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    alright, i will replace the fuel lines this weekend as well as clean the carb fuel filters and selector switch, hopfully that fixes the problem.

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    what ultramax said is absolutely mandatory; just changing the lines s not good enough. Bet you find your mag carb's filter 3/4 full of junk.

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