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    Supercharger nut came off

    I jsut put the riva washers in my supercharger last week. The first time I rode it the nut came off and so did everything else on the shaft. Im guessing whoever put the nut on forgot the locktite. I pulled the pto housing and oil seperator as well as the bottom of the block. I found all of the washers and gear as well as a few needle bearings in the pto housing. Found a few more bearings in the oil seperator. Didnt find anything in the bottom of the block and the main bearings looked clean as well as the crank. I only found 14 needle bearings though so I am missing 26. There was a lot of metal shavings in the screens and pto housings so I dont know if they got crushed or what. Any suggestions on what to do.

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    I was in a somewhat similar situation myself with my my 06 rxp. my charger bearings went out and it let the shaft wobble causing the gears to get into a bind and shear pieces of metal into my engine. i just changed my oil four times in a row to help flush the metal out. im not sure that it was the best solution but i have put around 30 hrs on my ski since then and have had no problems and the oil looks presumabley fine. maybe it could help you out by doing that. good luck

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