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    Any suggestions on back-up parts?

    I have two PWCs I plan on using in Lake Powell later this summer. I am attempting to make sure that the PWCs are in perfect running order and I have all the commonly needed back-up parts ready for break downs. (I've had some trips to Lake Powell go south because of break downs in the past on rented skis. On multi-day trips its really bad to break down WAY OUT THERE and have to tow back for hours!).

    I have a 2003 Polaris MSX-140 and a 2002 Polaris TXI. Any suggetions on preventative maintenance and parts to purchase? Any thoughts appreciated.

    - Paul

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    Spare new TPS

    New Spark plugs, packed to prevent damage.

    Clamp to squeeze the water feed hose if one ski needs to be towed. Or install a shut-off valve in that water line.

    After that, it depends how much repair capability you want to carry with you

    Spare CPS

    Zip ties, hose clamps (multiple sizes), duct tape, some wire and electrical tape if needed to repair or bypass something.

    Tools, metal hooks and such to remove foreign objects from inside the jet pump. Swim goggles so you can see under water, if the need arises.

    Communications gear. Does VHF marine radio work in that area to contact help?
    Cell phone?
    List of emergency contact numbers for help in that area.

    First Aid kit and knowledge how to use it.

    You need to decide whether you want to take enough PWC so that everyone can get back even if one PWC fails and must be left behind.

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    Preparation prior to departure is key.

    Have you rebuilt the through-hull bearing on the MSX?
    Since it cannot be greased, you won't know if there is a problem until it actually fails.

    The recommendation is to rebuild the MSX through-hull bearing carrier every 100 operating hours, give or take. Or every few years.

    It cannot be removed for repair without special tools, so this is something you want to be in known good condition before you leave.

    In general, you need to review every sub-system in both machines;
    Fuel system, oil system, water cooling, thermostat, exhaust water injection filter, on so on.

    Make sure the bilge pump hoses have proper clamps, not just zip ties. Make sure the bilge pumps actually pump water.

    If you have not checked you jet pump bearings for possible water/rust, now would be a good time to do so.

    How to remove and re-install the Polaris 148mm jet pump

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