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    Rxdi idles like a champ. But that's it!

    I have an rxdi that idles perfectly. The second I give it gas, it dies out. Buds shows everything in check and it's not throwing a code. Anyone else ever have a problem like this before?

    I almost feel like it's something simple. Like dess post or battery ground cable.

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    Have the same problem with my RXDI -02. Has anyone found a solution to this issue?? The fuelpressure from pump is ok, tha airflow from compressor is ok. When you look at the sparkpluggs there is alot smoke on them. The RAVE system works good. No error codes. Just wonīt throttle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Stang View Post
    I almost feel like it's something simple. Like dess post or battery ground cable.
    Have you checked the ground cable thoroughly? It can appear to be fine on the outside, but be corroded on the inside. I know you have a DI, but I encountered this on a 99 GSXL. The ski would idle perfectly, but as soon as you would give it throttle, it would die immediately. We chased our tails for a while thinking it was fuel because it would fire and idle perfectly. Eventually, we removed the ground cable and discovered the corrosion inside. Replaced the ground cable and it ran like a raped ape.

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    I donīt get the feeling that this is an wirering problem on my machine. When you throttle the machine it feels like the choke is on. The only problem is that the DI machine dosenīt work like that. Could it be the air/fuel rail that donīt give the correct amount of air??

    Has anyone had problems with their reed wentils??? It sounds strange that this wents should brooke down on both cylinders at the same time....

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    check fuel flow and pressure, if so it might be dirty fuel filters in the tank or even the pump itself. then check the tps.
    and check all the associated wires and connectors

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    Thanks for answer. Iīve checked the fuel pressure from the pump and it was 107 psi as it should be and itīs very stabil even when you throttle.

    When you remove the sparkpluggs they are very "smokey" on both of the cylinders. I get the feeling that it gets to mutch fuel, if you compere to the amount of air it should have.

    If there is something wrong with the TPS souldenīt you get an indication from the meps then?
    Isenīt very odd if both TPS sensors fails at the same time?

    Has anyone had problems with their reed valves? One theory I have at the moment is that the reed valves is open on both cyl. so that the internal pressure in engien isenīt enought to keep the air flow up when you start to throttle...Anyone!

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