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    05 rxt warning beep while decelerating

    I took the rxt out this morning to see if the code that was coming on while excelerating had cleared up. I was happy when I gunned it several times, and no code. Then as I was rapidly slowing down, a got a two second beep, but no warning message. The red light came on briefly, but also went away within two seconds. I did the go and stop thing about 5 times and got the same thing every time. I shut it off, and checked for codes, but got none. any Ideas? I dont know if it matters, but the code i was getting a couple of weeks ago was p0463.

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    Do not shut it off ... after you get the beeps, while it is still running, check for codes. Shutting it off, then checking for codes will not show the codes, it has to be running still.

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    its fine now

    I had to go north for a couple of weeks, so when I got back, I took it out today (first put 10 gallons of fresh gas) and it ran great with no codes. It did top out at 7600 rpms though.

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