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    Exclamation ***** Texas flood on Lake Dunlop - Forum members and families effected!!! *****

    I received a call from Water4Fire(Austin) this morning and he stated that the following forum members had been effected by a recent flood that took place early this morning:

    Sundance - Ray
    Guitarman - Bob
    RXTMAN - Mike
    David, Mike's Dad

    Thank god no one was injured, however they suffered a great loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to the following forum members and their families. We had all planned to go to the bug this year, however we will not be making it due to this tragic loss.


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    Sorry to hear about this.

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    Tragic, sorry to hear about this. Actually, I was viewing the info on the Weather Channel this AM. I saw they moved the FFW to Dallas to South Tex.

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    Man, sorry to hear of your troubles guys.

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    Wow hope all that are effected are OK.

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    Guys It has been a horrible morning and day. I just got a rest and am exhausted. Ray Sundance had a great loss to his stuff. Came up into his bottom floor. Lost his ski boat.

    Bob guitarman, suffered all. His whole house and boat house dock ski's everything are gonene besides picking up stuff in the house that can be savaged.

    Rxtman and dude David and mike shaw have had a heck of a day on this lake aswell.

    I will be tring my best to help everyone of them.

    It should be obvious that they can't leave for MB at there normal time of 5 am in the morning. They have been to them all.


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    i called austin today and he told me about how horrible it is

    sorry about this guys, hope everything gets cleaned up quickly!

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    This is terrible news. I was on the phone with Bob at 1:30 am last night and he was watching the weather and telling me how bad it wass. I had no idea it would get this bad. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

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    Mother Nature can be a real b**ch sometimes. The ski boat and pontoon boat got squashed underneath the boat lift and trash collected over 10 feet high at our place. Boats can be fixed (or replaced) lives can't be, glad no one was hurt. And thank goodness the skis were all in the garage ready to go to MudBug

    My Dad and I were really looking forward to this years ride at MB, but I suppose we'll be on damage control most of the weekend. I've got some great pics of the flooding I'll post up as soon as I get them uploaded to the computer.

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