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    msd enhancer settings on 96xp 785? adjust or leave alone mild xp

    96 very mild with msd enhancer

    ppg level 1 head 93 octane
    lightweight flywheels front/rear
    solas xo prop
    bored 1.25mm oversized pro-x
    stock pipe

    msd enhancer is set at stock i believe

    timing is +2

    Retard begin is 4500 rpm

    7750 rev limit

    holeshot rev limit is 3500 rpm

    max speed retard is 8 degree

    Are those settings good

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    4,361's been so long I don't remember my specs. And it would be for a SpecII anyway. From just observing, you aren't removing that much timing. As long as your plug chops are chocolate brown on the porcelin, you are good.

    You should have noticed how much easier the engine starts and idles smoother. I think I picked up 100 rpm when I installed my Enhancer and it was set at stock settings.

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    msd has stock settings/limited and modified.

    limited and stock are the same except on limited they decrease 2 degrees on the max speed retard.

    here is instructions

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