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    How can I try to bypass the STARTER RELAY switch

    Late 90's ZXI 1100 and I can't find any bad connections from the start switch to the kill switch back to the battery - which is new. After it's last ride the ignition switch was left on overnight in a bad rainstorm and since then I have no power to the starter. The trim works fine and ignition lights come on as normal. I wanted to see if there is a way to simply bypass the starter switch to see if that's the problem before ordering a new one - but I don't want to screw something else up by hitting the wrong wires.
    Does anyone have a suggestion. Can a make a connection directly from the positive terminal on the battery to the yellow / black wire ? out of the starter relay?

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    you will need to get into the electrical box & find solenoid wires coming off the starter relay(not the heavy red primay battery/starter wires) A hot sending wire & a ground. Use a jumper from the + battery & touch the red sending wire on the soleniod...this will energize the solenoid thus bridging the connections of the heavy red wires & should make the starter turn over. If not then make sure the ground on the solenoid is making contact. Just to make sure the starter is working...jump the connections across the heavy red primay wires to bypass the starter altogether. hope this helps

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