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Thread: Q's on Pro1200

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    Q's on Pro1200

    Hey Guys, What is the premix ratio after I remove the oil pump?

    Also, there is a 7/16 size chip in the center of the hull, the white is gone and you can see black/carbon fiber. It does not leak, so I would like to correct this before it becomes an issue.

    Do I need anything special due to the carbon fiber, Thanks Guys.

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    pre mix is 40:1 and check out the paint thread on the top of this forum section..

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    Thanks, for the ratio, I did look through the paint section but didn't notice if there was any difference if the hull was carbonfiber.

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    Use epoxy, not bondo or resin.. both will fall out. or use marine tex if its small. then if you like, get a gelcoat reapir kit and use the gelcoat gel that comes with the kit for the top of the repair.

    You dont have to use the gelcoat gel to finish it, but it will look better than just epoxy in the hole. The kit has different tints to match the hull.

    then,, if you like,, wet sand the gel when its hard the next day and buff it out with compound to get it to shine again. leave the repair a little low with the marine tex or epoxy so that the gelcoat gel fills the rest of the repair .

    that way when you are done wetsanding it, theres still gelcoat on top of the repair..

    You could also use underwater 3-m vinyl-ester bondo to repair it also. dont use polyester bondo. that will fall out or get bubbles in it.

    The vinyl-ester bondo is made for under water applications. its waterproof unlike the polyester.

    if you would like to go with a cheaper route, but a epoxy stick you mix by hand. then grind out the repair at a 45 degree angle and place the mixed epoxy stick in the repair. then sand it flat, done. gel it if you like.

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    Hey, Thanks Alot!!! I'll get that done this weekend!

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    carbon fiber

    the hull is fiberglass but looks like cf

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    Hey Guys I finished breaking in the new engine in the pro this weekend [was running oil pump and premix50:1], So I converted to premix 40:1, cleaned my flame arrestor, and changed plugs again gap at.024.

    My question is which plugs should I be running in this BR9Es or BPR8ES, I,ve been told and read of guys using both. The ski was about 3.5mph slower on MFD havn't put the gps on it yet. But it has been to 62 and this weekend best on MFD was 58.8.

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