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    2-Stroke Oil Question

    I have a 97 Kawasaki 1100stx. Is it okay to use Pennzoil Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle? And has anyone used it (if you can) and what do you think?

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    thats what i have been using in my ultra, know a lot of guys use it. i bought some at sams wholesale 12 bucks a gallon. picked up three cant beat it. everywheres else wants 24 a gallon for the same stuff

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    Used it for years in my zxi..have never had an engine problem or fouled a plug

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    I just started using it this year on my ultra and my yamaha suv. No problems.

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    is the synthetic the same as the tcw-3?dont wanna run from one to the other without some info.

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    yes it is tcw-3 certified thats what I use in all mine and the weed wacker

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    can you mix the synth-blend with the conventional TCW3 or is that a No-No ?? I have been thinking about switching to the Pennzoil blend....but wondered why it was so cheap>>

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    a high quaility lubricant will leave less deposits in the combustion area, less likely to stick a ring from carbon buildup / deposits, smoke less and better for the enviroment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul2005GPR View Post
    Used it for years in my zxi..have never had an engine problem or fouled a plug
    I used it for 4 years in my old 1999 Ultra 150 that was modded and never had a problem. I put a ton of miles/hours on it, towed other jet skis with riders a number of times (even towed 2 jet skis with riders on them across Lake Michigan for 7 miles), stored it outside over the winter, and it always ran very strong.

    With my 2005 Ultra 150, I have been using Ams Oil Interceptor oil and after 39 hours on a rebuild, the outsides of the pistons are pretty well worn out as are the insides of the rings. The shop that did the work on my cylinders said that he has seen that happen before with Ams Oil and that he never would use it. I am going back to Pennzoil Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle oil. It's less expensive and it works.

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    have you guys every used or heard about using Quicksilver full synthetic thats made for jet skis? thats what we have all been using here.

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