I thought about it for a while and I simply will not have the time to complete this project in the next year or so.
Asking $2k for the whole thing; I will not part it out as I'll continue working on this when I have time if it doesn't sell.

Project thread here: http://greenhulk.net/forums/showthread.php?t=114008

What's included:

2000 GPR Hull, steering, trim, seat with Riva cover
- Hull is in great shape, only 17 hours on it!
- Hull cuts have been made and Addicted's mounts are installed
- Mid wall trimmed down
- Pump shoe and rideplate inserts replaced with updated Yamaha parts
- Front grate mount replaced with aluminum bracket
- Mats and glue has been removed, just need to glue down new mats

2004 (non-HO) pump with 2" extension, driveshaft and stock prop
- Pump pressure relief valves are installed
- Water pressure gauge installed
- Bilge siphon removed (you will need an electric bilge pump)

R&D rideplate with Jim's FF mod
Riva freeflow (for use with Polaris waterbox)
Midshaft (for use with the Beerdart/Addicted conversion method)
New driveshaft hose
W/E stock parts you want - 13R waterbox, stock rideplate, stock hoses, gas tank
And some other odds and ends...

What's needed to complete it (off the top of my head):
- Donor RXP/RXT motor+electronics+gas tank
- Water lines, etc for intercooler and exhaust
- Heat exchanger+water lines
- Pump tunnel reinforcement