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    Who's Installed The Transducer Speakers??? Any Video's


    My amp has now arrivied and ive just ordered my speakers up

    Is there any vid's yet with the speakers on whilst the craft is going along on the water??


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    I dont have any videos of music on the water, but your setup is going to differ anyways. How loud the transducer is going to be is based on where you stick it inside the hull, the hull design, and the amp.

    I can just BARELY hear there is some sort of audio playing over my ski running. But thats with a TRD waterbox.

    Ryandi2 is probably a better source of unbiased information on how the thing sounds on the water, he might show up in here...

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    i will be putting this set up in my sltx

    the set up was nice on both zomgvtec and ryanbgb's skis

    i would say, motors off in a 15 ft circle you can hear it pretty good!

    it could be a little loader and would be nice if you could hear it while cruising, but for 30 some odd dollars you cant go wrong! i plan on using it when we are just chilling at the sand bar at my lake or in the middle.. i dont see a real need to listen while riding...( my two stoke makes plenty of music).

    and ryanbgb had a nice radio feature that seemed to work pretty good for being on the water..

    you would probably set it up like zomgvtec and put the water proof box on top of the gas tank.. i liked that place for my three seater!

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    i just put transducer speakers in my msx yesterday and got to try them out today i ordered a pair of sonic impact and a pair of daytons both the same except the sonic impacts had cardboard on them with an adhesive i also got a 2 by 15 watt amp from dayton, i got what i paid for its decent i can hear it great at idle and up to 20-25 or so anything over that you get a note or two that you can hear, but i found the thinner material you stick them to the better they sound it will probably be best when im using it in no wake zones on the river.....what did you order for your set up? ill post pics tomorrow of what i did

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    Heres a video of my setup on the water...

    I need to get someone else to record it away from the craft, but you can see it works quite well.

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