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    Plastic Bag caught in impeller

    So I was riding my 2004 R12 back into the marina I keep it in on the Chicago River and I sucked in a plastic bag. The ski still idles but there is no thrust. After docking (I'm in a wet slip) and turning ski off I felt inside by the impeller and could feel remnants of the bag with my fingertips. What should my course of action be? I can't go into the river cause it's pretty nasty and the boat launch is a few miles down river. Is there anything I can try while it's docked or should I idle it down river (or will this overheat the ski) and pull it out to try to remove it? I have another ski I could tow it back with too. Thanks or any input.

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    I would tow it back and pull it out of the water, if its wrapped around your probably gonna have to pull the intake grate off to get it all out. Thatd be the safest way IMO. Good luck.

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    Good times.. weve all been there. Take off the intake grate and get yourself a knife and start cuttin. I sucked up my own anchor line last year and it was wound so tight around the driveshaft it took over an hour to cut it all out. It happens to the best of us. The next time it happens, try to ride it out and see if it kicks loose. 90% of the time, a plastic bag or a balloon, etc will come off on its own- just dont hold it WOT for long periods of time. Keep 'goosing it' to try and spin it free.

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    This time of year, there are soooo many balloons from people's graduations floating in our rivers. Theres always a risk of suckin one up.

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    if you tow it, clamp off your water line from pump to engine first...bottom center of the hull beside the driveline tract

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    This is why we suggest that everyone modify their intake grates so they can get their hand inside to remove obstructions. When you have no thrust, you have no pump pressure or cooling water through the engine/exhaust system and can burn down your ski.

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    So I pulled it out of the water this morning and can see the bag competely twisted around the driveshaft. I searched a bit but is there a detailed thread on removing and replacing the intake grate?

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    Just build a long hook out of wire and fish it out. I've taken mine to a beach, rolled it on it's side a couple of times to clear something out. Lost a vane on a Doo once, but couldn't tell the difference riding.

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