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    Smile Forum Information for All Members

    So a few people brought up the idea of posting a thread for new users (either new to the internet or new to the world of PWC's) to learn the abbreviations and terms used here (and other places) on message forums. As an internet surfer since the dawn of the internet (1992-3) and having prior experience in both running and using Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) since 1990 and owning my very first computer at the age of 5 (in 1986), I believe my experience has been extensive, and I would like to help others to feel comfortable posting questions and providing answers, on this forum and elsewhere. We were all newbies at one point, so why not make it easier for others? Here are some helpful tips and information that will be useful:

    1. Please fill in your profile details, mainly where you live and what you ride. Click here: then scroll down to ADDITIONAL INFORMATION and fill in the LOCATION and SKIS section. Simple! The reason is that I've seen some people posting a message, asking for help, saying, "My engine is messed up, where is the closest dealer that can help me?" Well, then your answers are morel like "What type of PWC do you have and where are you located?" Its a waste of time getting replies like these, so why not fill in your PROFILE with these two important details in the first place? Save us and yourself the delay and useless questions/answers by filling in these two details in your profile!
    2. If you have a problem with your machine, or want to ask something, please give as much relevant information as possible in your post. Note that I say "relevant" and not useless. The more we know, the better we can help you (this includes my first point about filling in your profile details with your location and your machine).
    3. Try to use proper grammar or spelling, or at least make an effort to, so that we know what you're trying to say or ask us. I know some users here are from all around the world, and English is not their first language, but please make an effort (or ask someone if your English is very poor) to help you write your posts. We welcome everyone here and will always do our best to help out the members, but we ask the same effort on your part. Oh and don't use CAPS, it looks like you're shouting!
    4. Please use the attachment feature if you are posting pictures (little paperclip next to the smiley face when you're posting a message). Click on the BROWSE button and select the image from your computer. You can attach up to 3 images per post.
    5. Finally, use the PREVIEW POST button and re-read your reply or post. It takes a few seconds to re-read what you've typed and it helps to eliminate mistakes or can help you to make your posts clearer by proof-reading them.
    This may sound complicated, but its really not. Just common sense, and over time, they'll become second-nature and will really help you on the message forums and help others to understand you better and keep your posts CLEAR, CONCISE and TO-THE-POINT. Also, please respect other forum members and be nice. You don't have to agree with everyone all the time, but use common sense and its okay to "respectfully disagree".

    Anyhow, here are a few abbreviations used here on the forum. Some are related to PWC's and others are general internet terms. I will keep adding more over time.

    PWC-Related Terms

    • BOV = Blow Off Valve
    • BUDS = Bombardier Utility and Diagnostic Software
    • CC = Cubic Centimeters
    • DESS = Digitally Encoded Security System (Sea-Doo)
    • DI = Direct Injection
    • ECM = Electronic Control Module
    • ECU = Electric Control Unit
    • EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection
    • GPS = Global Positioning System
    • HP = Horse Power
    • iBR = Intelligent Brake / Reverse (Sea-Doo)
    • IC = Inter-Cooler
    • iCONTROL = Intelligent Control (Sea-Doo)
    • iS = Intelligent Suspension (Sea-Doo)
    • iTC = Intelligent Throttle Control (Sea-Doo)
    • KMH = Kilo-Meters per Hour
    • KPH = Kilometers Per Hour
    • MAPS = Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
    • MPEM = Multi-Purpose Electronic Module
    • MPH = Miles Per Hour
    • OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer
    • OPAS = Off-Power Assisted Steering (Sea-Doo)
    • PFD = Personal Flotation Device
    • P/N = Part Number
    • PSI = Pounds Per Square Inch
    • PWC = Personal Water Craft
    • RAVE = Rotax Adjustable Variable Exhaust
    • RPM = Revolutions Per Minute
    • SC = Super-Charger
    • TPS = Throttle Position Sensor
    • VCK = Vehicle Communication Kit
    • VTS = Variable Trim System
    • WOT = Wide Open Throttle

    General Terms

    • BRB = Be Right Back
    • DIY = Do It Yourself
    • FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions
    • FML = F**k My Life
    • FYI = For Your Information
    • IDK = I Don't Know
    • LOL = Laugh Out Loud
    • OP = Original Poster
    • OT = Off Topic
    • ROFL = Roll On the Floor Laughing
    • WTF = What The F**k

    These are a few acronyms I've found while glancing at some of the messages here on these forums. It took me awhile to write this post and I hope it helps some of our members here. More details and information to come. Stay tuned!
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    + 1

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    Nicely done

    Good starting point for new arrivals.

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    Nice work!

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