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    Help!!!!!! Won't turn over after drivline refresh?

    I just finished replacing just about everything in the driveline. New PTO boot, new stainless ring, new carbon seal, new driveshaft boot, new driveshaft bumpers, new wear ring, new skat trak impeller. The boat didn't even have the PTO boot or driveshaft bumpers when I got it 3 weeks ago. Just got it all back together, greased the pto zerk, put new oil in the pump, and now not only will it not start, it won't even turn over. Hit the starter and "clunk", nothing more. I climbed into the engine compartment and tried to turn the pto by hand and couldn't. Please, what did I miss? The new impeller is pretty tight in the wear ring, but I could turn it by hand before I put it back on the boat.
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    i assume it was running before? and it sounds just like the impeller IS too tight and will loosen when you get it could loosen the pump bolts a bit and then start it,let it "seat" and then tighten up(thats what i'd doo)

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    try greasing the impeller wear area. and maybe try a battery booster to give it a few more amps of cranking power

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