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    Changing oil this weekend does it have to be for wet clutch

    alot of diff opinions what is your thought also syn oil or just reg. i posted it a couple of days ago and got mixed opinions just trying to do it right before a long trip with rxp

    rxp has riva stage one kit)not sure what oil dealer used)

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    Reg oil only! 10w 40

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    There's plenty of posts on this.

    You can run synthetic so long as it is formulated without additives. NO CAR synthetic is like this and that is the reason people say 'no synthetics'.

    There are several of us running Amsoil 4stroke synthetic without issues - it is designed for a wet clutch environment.

    While some people might not like their sales approach and prefer to pay the markup of a retail store - that's fine, they're entitled to their opinion. However I do not know of a single documented case where using Amsoil has caused a supercharger failure. I'd welcome hearing one.

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    Anyone ever hear of Spectro? A friend of mine works at a dealer and he says they use that stuff instead of seadoo's oil. I would imagine it's compatable considering it's main use is in import bikes with wet clutches.

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    I've heard of it, don't have any experience with it.

    If it is designed for wet clutches it *probably* doesn't have any additives, but I would check to be certain.

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