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    98 xpl redline out of water

    My 98 XPL runs fine in the water, but when I pull it out and start it to clear it out, it revs high and will not shut off unless I put it back in the water to put a load on it.

    Any ideas?

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    Its a lean "run-away" ,is the fuel selector off when you do this? When it does this grab hold the throttle wide open till it dies.pull the plugs and get a
    "reading" from them. you need to get that fuel problem right before you "lean seize" the top end.

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    just holding the throttle open won't kill it. you must pull and hold the choke to choke the engine as well as flooding it at the same time.

    your most liekly cause is a bad carb to manifold gasket or fule restriction issue


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    Lean-out due to leaking intake, seals, or cases are the usual cause of runaway on most 2-stroke engines, but be aware that 951 engines have a very lean mid-range and long port overlap and are naturally prone to runaway. You may or may not have a leak. Some otherwise good running 951's with no leaks will runaway on their own. A very common situation is lean low-range mixture adjustment, or too high idle RPM setting. Some respond to the runaway by giving them full throttle, others don't. Pulling the choke always kills them.

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    Usually just a little adjusting of the low speed screws (on top of carbs seen)out 1/4 turn and at the same time screw the idle stop screw out to reduce the idle speed (max 2700 on trailer) will stop this problem.

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    I will check for leaks this afternoon. I rebuilt the carbs because of that crappy gray fuel line, all new gaskets. Did not try the throttle or choke ideas. Going to the lake Friday, I will try everything and let you know. Thanks for the help.

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