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    How bad I want a sl-750 or sl-650...

    I remember quite a few years ago when my grandfather owned a Polaris sl-750 jet ski. I loved riding on that jet ski with my father, the way it could spin on a dime and jump waves, awsome. Better yet was when you got thrown off the thing . I feel weird saying this but I was almost in love with that ski. When I was of age and had my boater education I was looking foward to riding this ski all by myself. When I got the my grandfathers lake house and went down to the boat house to get on the ski I did not see the old polaris. I saw a brand spakin new Seadoo GTX 4 tech. I asked my grandfather what happend to the old ski and he said that it had too many problems and was to unstable, so he sold it . I just accepted the fact that my old friend was gone and would give this new seadoo a try. After about 10 mins of riding the new seadoo all I had to say was, "WOW...F*** THIS"... This thing is not a jet ski, it's a frikin boat. You could stand on one side and it would not tilt at all. Was not very manuverable and just seemed boring. I can never throw myself off the dern thing no matter how hard I try. If you can't fall off then your might as well ride a boat. Anyway, now that im almost eighteen I would like to by myself my own sl 650 or 750. What are the chances of me being able to get one that works? I live in Longview TX. PLEASE I WANT MY FRIEND BACK.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    What are the chances????

    AWESOME!!!! They're everywhere, and quite cheap now. You should be able to get a good running one for around $1000 with a trailer.

    You'll need to do some updating most likely, so save around $200 for that, but that's really not bad at all.

    IMO, get the 780 if you can find one, or the 750. They make quite a bit more HP than the 650 for around the same price.

    650 = 68 HP around 44-45 MPH

    750 = 80 HP around 48 MPH

    780 = 92 HP around 52-54 MPH

    OR you can even go bigger with the newer domestic engines in the same SL hull

    700 = 90 HP (2 cylinder) around 52-53 MPH

    900 = 105 HP around 54 -56 MPH

    1050 = 115 HP around 58 -60 MPH

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    Drive to Alvin tx, bring a Truck or trailer, I'll GIVE you a 95 sl750.
    It will need a motor and electric box, the rest is there.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Where are you located?

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    Gee what a sad story in a way huh? It'll have a great ending soon though huh?

    Has me wondering too though. I wonder what ever happened to that
    SL 750

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    Hi Trey, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums.

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    Welcome,and loved the story. I have a MSX and a SL and SLT. The MSX is a great ride,but like you said,It's not a Playful ski. Guess that's why I kept the SLT around,The fun factor.....Now the future wifey is riding it all the time and is trying to learn to do the donuts. Staying with the 700,750,or 780 sizes will give you more fun per dollar because of the lower gas guzzling then the 900-1050's.

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