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    Intermittent/Very Quiet XPL Buzzers

    Hi All,

    Just wondering if any one has any fixes or ideas on XPL buzzers spitting the dummy at times? My mates 98 buzzer doesnt always work. Mine ALWAYS had till today, if I tried really hard I can hear it make a bit of a sound but its very quiet. Ski still runs fine and has charge.

    I haven't changed anything its just been in the shed for a month (are they allergic to storage?)

    On a good note ski is running wicked at the moment after fixing my TPS

    Cheers in advance guys,


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    Mine works when it wants to. The only fix is to put in a new one.

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    Fair enough so they come and go a bit then do they? common issue?

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    My buddies didnt work for about 6 months and then all the sudden it started working again. I dont know what is up with them things!!

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