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Thread: 2003 Gp1300R

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    2003 Gp1300R

    I'm close to buying a 2003 Gp1300R but I'm unsure about the consumption of the beast. I used to have a Gp800R and it wasn't too bad on consumption.
    It would just be pulling skiers and playing around...


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    2003 Gp1300R

    The Gp1300r is a gas hog. It's not any worse than the rest of the big motor skis. The manual says a full tank (16 gal) is good for am hour at full throttle. Typically on the river I can get 2plus hours on mine. Usually around 60 miles is the limit that I take my ski without gassing it up.

    1300 is a 2 seater, no towing. At least legally. I added a Tow hook to my ski

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    gas hog

    going from stock to engine modified and riding WOT a good part of the time made me burn about 20-25 % more, besides being a 2 -stroke hog.If you increase compression and add a fuel controller and ride "HARD" ,expect to pay at the pump besides having to use 93 also.And wait till you port that bitch!

    yes just keep it stock(except bolt ons) if gas is a main concern,good luck

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