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    SeaDoo rxp-x 255. Small vibrations.

    Hey everyone.

    I got a 2008, SeaDoo Rxp-x 255. Drived 12 Hour.

    Im gonna take the 10 Hour Service when i get home.

    But i was drivin the other day and my SeaDoo started shakin/vibrations. Small vibrations, i noticed when i stepped back on the ski when i was drivin. And there is a litle sound from the pump i think. When i start it with flushkit.

    My fried says its my impeller who is broken, but when i see in to the pump on the impeller it seems fine. The wear ring looks fine too. Havent noticed on the RPM either.

    And my friend testet a another SeaDoo Rxp-x 255, who did not had a vibrations..

    Do i have to take of the pump to see if the impeller and the wear ring is broken?

    Sorry for my bad English, im from Norway

    Thanks for the answer

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    And can i get my speedometer from MPH to KMH? And F to Celcius?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunvaakaren View Post
    And can i get my speedometer from MPH to KMH? And F to Celcius?
    The dealer has to hook up the BUDS to change your settings from MPH to KMH and F to C.


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    Thanks for the answer. Do someone else know about the other questions?

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    What impeller and wear ring should i buy if mine is broken?? Stock, sea doo..

    And is R&D closed course intake grate better than orginal?

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    I would take off the intake grate and see if you have something stuck in the pump.

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    Ok, ill try when i get home. Can take some pics too

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    impeller nose cone may have walked up the shaft, if this is the case, you can remove it or put some threadlock on it and crank it down.

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    check to see if you sucked up a plastic bag or something....

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    When i see into the pump i cant see any damage, plastic bag or something. The wear ring looks fine, and the impeller looks fine. But ive havent take it off yet to see if there is any damage on it.

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