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    2009 F15 or F15X

    I currently own a 2005 F12, and I'm looking at a couple of new 2009 skis, one F15 and one F15X.

    I love my F12, but I haven't heard much of the F15 series on this board.

    Would anyone recommend that I purchase the F15, and which one should I buy, the turbo or non-turbo?

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    I would buy the turbo, my Friend's is really nice.

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    Definetly turbo, but i like to go fast so im baised.....i cant see going wrong either way though.

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    I own the F15X and over all is one of the best ski's out there, for one: is the best on fuel economy, second: best on storage capacity, third: dry ride and comfort, and over all the most reliable, and if you are looking for speed the X model plus mac's stage II will put you at about 74 MPH, and it will not affect your fuel economy...

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