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    xlt 1200 oil injection removal?

    I bought the block off plate and can't find the pump,went to the local shop and they said 1 hr to remove it and put the plate on,after i got it there he said oh this is a bitch to do and wanted 500 bucks!Any tip's on changing it out and what do you do with the cables to the throttle,it's a 2004 xlt 1200,also just wondering years ago on my kids quad i just emptyed the tank and left the pump on it,would doing that damage anything,and not take the pump off at all?Thanks for any help!this is starting to get to me!lol

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    The pump is on the front of the motor under the exhaust on the stator cover (see the blue plate) you can disconnect the cables and empty the oil tank then pull the sender out of the tank and ziptie the float in the full position so the gauge allways reads full so no alarms go off on the dash.Click image for larger version. 

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    I already did the sending unit trick thanks from your advise,so what you are saying is if i discontect the throttle cables i can just leave the pump in and it won't hurt anything?I thought i read that somewhere else.Thanks

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    The pump is held on by 2 bolts the blue plate is the blockoff plate I cant recommed if its ok to leave the pump in after it is disconnected most remove it maybe someone will chime in and help. Ron

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    the reason your mechanic wanted that ridiculous amount is he can't see those two bolts down on the stator that hold the pump on.A mirror solves that problem. Once you got the u pipe off and put down a mirror to see its easy.ZX got you this far, finish the job wer'e here to help

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