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    97 GP 1200 problems

    Well i drilled the restrictors out of my carbs and bought several main jets to place in the return line, ended up keeping the 96 main jet in the return line,i have the correct fuel pressure but now the ski will not run right,it is like a old Chevy 8 cylinder running off of 7 ,no matter what i do i cannot get rid of the skipping,it idles fine but when you hit the gas it will get up to around 55 but skips the whole time,it was running faster before ,strange a couple times today it starting running good but just for a few seconds ,compression is good on all cylinders,121 on all 3.any ideas? I have taken the intake off reeds are good,checked carbs again,fuel filter is fine,should have left it alone as it was running great before i drilled the carbs,but sounded like the best thing to do.

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    I don't know why you would drill the stock OEM me when I say that Mikuni know's more about their carbs then we do.....

    In relationship to your issues...are you at 2psi at idle and around 5.5-6 at WOT?

    Are you sure your plug wires are good...and was the ski running perfect before you did the mod?


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    Yep my fuel pressure is dead on,ski was running fine before i did this,that mod was listed by oside bill so i figured i would do it,banging my head now,i also clipped the plug wires back when i did this,i will double check that.

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    Sounds to me like it is more like a spark problem. If you have 6 psi when you hear the skipping its not the fuel. Also when you did drill out the return did you suck out the shavings instead of blowing them off? Maybe you got some down the hole. If so blow the carbs out real well and recheck your return for metal flakes.

    I bet you its your plug wires. Just send them to jetskisolutions.

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