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    Cavitation..any ideas?

    we bought a 2004 wake 155hp
    51 hrs on it

    went out first time, cavitating

    It has the plastic pump. So i pulled pump and impeller looked good, wear ring had some dings and some space between it and impeller.

    I replace wear ring with a new one, but everything back together good. Took it out today..STILL cavitating. She tried pulling kid on tube, she couldn't get on plane hardly.

    Is there something i'm missing of why it is cavitating???
    some suggestions

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    Not a lot of hours, could be carbon seal/accordian boot sucking air through the pump causing this.

    Lots of info on the site about cavitation, popular subject and common problem with the seadoos

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    thanks for reply. i was searching and having hard time finding some info.

    i looked at carbon seal and no black line. i will probably have to take a closer look. i have no water coming in either

    Can you such air thru the venturi,where it hooks to pump? I don't see how,since its after the pump?? But when i pulled it apart, there was no seal there, so i put it back together with no seal???

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    On the RXP there are two O rings/seals for pump venturi and a yellow water flow restrictor, you will at least need the O rings/venturi, reducer may not be required on the normal aspirated models. '

    If your accordian boot is old and weak it will give too soon and allow air to be sucked through the hull into the pump. The pump likes water, but hates air. You need to move water. My 06 RXP started cavitation after about 2 years, went through the same senario. New wear rings, but still cavitation. I think you might can slide the boot up some towards the carbon ring and seal, but you will most likely have to change it. Carbon ring with only 41 hours is most likely ok, but those boots are subject to age.

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    i have two orings (about 1/2 inch) that was it.

    i'll check boot tomorrow

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