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    CV Carb Modification?

    Hey Guys. I am new to the Ultra 150. I've done some searching trying to figure out exactly what this cv carb mod is so that I can run aftermarket flame arrestors. I should be very much capable of doing whatever modifications are necessary myself. Any help would be appreciated. Glad to be part of the 150 owners.


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    what other mod do you have on the ski?everything runs in conjunction with each other to have a fast azz ski.

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    Well to be honest i'm just getting started. The ultra 150 is new to me entirely. So far i've rebuilt the motor. Used the wsm standard bore platinum set. The drive was completely shot. Bearings from front to back didn't exist. The prop was the only thing holding anything centered. Today I tackled that, replaced all the bearing and seals. I had to buy a new Solas Prop 16/20. The ski had a skat track but I had to cut it off to save the housing.

    At this point now i'm just doing the maintenance and getting it back to its previous glory.

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    You wont find a how to on the cv carb mod anywhere. That mod is done by steve a skiworx, he can also mod proks to work with the cv carbs. Honest ly though the mod stock f/a works fine. I wouldnt do the carb mod till you are ready to add heads. The stinger mod is a good one to do at any time. Both of those are done by skiworx. Welcome to ulrea 150s.

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