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    Battery tender question...

    Every time after I ride I hook my battery up to a small 1.5 amp trickle charger to keep the battery fresh. I always disconnect the positive battery cable before hooking up the charger. Is that necessary, or can I just plug the thing on with the battery still connected to my SeaDoo? I had a lot of fun replacing my rectifier, stator, and pickup last year due to the previous owner jump starting it, but I would prefer not to do it again. Thanks guys!

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    you dont have to unhook it at that low of a charge rate. anything higher than 2amps you should. you will be fine.

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    I have a few different tenders at various locations, some are 2 amp, some are 1.5. Glad to know, unhooking that was a pain in the arse!

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    Good to know! I keep mine hooked up to a 1.5 amp float charger I bought from HF. I've had some of my friends tell me I could ruin he battery. But, I thought that a float charger is supposed to be good for it?

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    like mibunkerking said, nothing over 2 amps

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