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    Problem with 97 1100 stx

    I bought a 1997 Kawasaki 1100 stx a week ago today. I took it out last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with no problems. I then worked Sunday-Wednesday, so I couldn't go out. During that time, my "step-father" who says he is a "mechanic" was messing around with it while I was at work and "pointing out problems."

    So today I take it out, ride around for 15 minutes with no problems, then all of the sudden it starts missing. I would gas it up, be running about 35-40 and then it would just die down back to an idle, sometimes even kill it. All the guages and everything stayed on, it would just die. I could start it again and ride around for a while, and then it would do it again. Once it was started, I had to baby it to get it to start going (actually moving). As time went on, it was doing it more frequently and then got to the point of where it would start, but if I would gas it, it would die. It did this twenty or so times, and then it would be hard to start... It would turn over, but wouldn't start. It started enough and ran enough to get it back to the ramp and load up and go home.

    Now, my friend has a Yamaha Waverunner and he said that it was similar to a problem he had, and he said it was the kill switch. He said they popped that off, and cleaned it, and it fixed the problem. To me, it seems like mine is more with fuel - like it's not getting fuel, the fuels bad, something.

    Has anyone had anything similar or have any idea as to what this could be? I am not mechanically inclined, so if you can make it simple, they'd help.

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    Oh, and let me add that I just added the Pennzoil Synthetic Blend 2-cycle because my oil was low...

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