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    Yamaha Waverunner 3 length?

    I need help with ordering a cover for my girlfriends Yamaha Waverunner 3.
    I am trying to order a universal cover from my local WPS distributor to surprise her with a new cover for her ski, but I am not near it and I need to know how long the ski is.
    I was hoping that somebody might be able to let me know the overall length so I can get this cover ordered today.
    Thank you in advance for the help


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    Lightbulb ???????

    Hey there Alan

    According to the owners manual this thing is 117.7 inches long..??

    Check it out here:.
    (you might need to type in the year etc..???)

    Good luck with the cover shopping..


    Oh... and a very warm welcome to the forum..

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    Thanks Gerry
    That's just what I needed.
    Im gonna order the cover right now!

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