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    GPS'd My Ultra again an big gains from pump an free mods!!!!

    Well the other day I went out an got a base on my 02 Ultra 150.. At 712ft elevation the fastest I could get it to go was 64.0 but it stayed in the 63 range most of the day... I went back yesterday an couldent believe how much it picked up!! Its still a 100% stock motor untouched.. What was changed was a shimmed an blueprinted pump with a solas 16/20 impellor,R&D Nozzel,Stock modded intake grate and a stock modded ride plate with everything sealed up with GE 2..... With 4 bars on the fuel gauge with 93 octane my best pass was 69.2!!!!!... Still havent messed with the trim mod yet but I'd really like to try an hit 70.0 with a 100% bone stock motor b4 I starting getting into making more power an going into the motor...

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    Congrads on the gains. Your doing right to by taking base line numbers and then adding the other items and regetting baseline numbers. Attention to detail seperates the faster people as well.

    So all in all you got a consistent gain of 5mph... If 64.0 was your best and you were running mainly 63's and now your best was 69.2 then it will probably run 68 most the time. So 63's to 68's with peek in the 69's is a good 5 mph.

    Those are good numbers..keep it up. Oh I would drop to 87 octane as the 93 will hold you back a little. It's not needed for a stock ski and will make it loose just a little on performance it's minor but your looking to get everything out of it so thats just another item to address. PLus will be a good test for you as well.

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    Nice #s The devils is in the details.

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