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    03 vs 04 msx rideplate

    hello...thinking about making my msx 140 a little faster and heard that there are 2 diffrent types of rideplate ?! I saw the picture off the two types but i cant find the diffrens :P Is it just that the 04 plate is thicker ? In that case, a thicker ride plate will lift the rear and make the nose go down !? that is what i dont want :P Can someone tell mee thanks

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    That is not a ride plate diagram. That is a hull stepping diagram.

    The 2004 ride plate has a steeper upward angle at the rear, which allows the stern to drop and the bow to lift higher. Higher bow means more top speed.

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    aaa.. I see steeper upward angle ? does that mean that the plate is rounded up pointing the sky at the rear :P ? that will lift the nose yes, but that modification could i do whith my own plate !? and grind the plate a little bit and try to get a smooth surface.

    edit: how much longer is the 03 plate than the 04 ?

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    I have an 03 part number on my ride plate but it has been modified to 04 specifications (I measured it against my other one)

    Check out the ride plate pic in this post you can see where it was welded.

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    how do i messure it to know that it have bin moddified ? my ski was first registrated in 2005 but the last HINnr. is 0303 ! is there some way to see that it is a 04 without lokking at the partnr ? the section at the rear is verry thin and if that is the mod i think it is a 04 plate :P

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