The first release of the SHO service manual did not say this BTW.

A special nut torqued to 184.4 ft lb appears in the FZ and later SHO manuals also. Their (Yamaha) argument is that the thread on the flywheel magneto will get stretched so it must be replaced. Not buying it. Literally.

On page 5-80 on newer SHO and FZ manuals

Cannot Reuse (According to Yamaha)
FlyWheel Magneto (WTF? and $294.00)

Transfer Shaft or Assembly ($217.00, Okay I can understand that MAYBE if you boogered it up removing it or something. Otherwise, not...)

Special Nut (okay, I guess it was a special night)

Bolt (Okay, we can deal with that)

Woodruff key (again we can deal with that unless in a fix for time or something)

What got me was if ANYTHING the clutch (another spragg, lovely) is what I would want to replace while in there. Yet, it is fine to reuse.