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    Magneto and flywheel position on crankshaft

    Hi there,

    Few questions for you here:

    1-I'd like to get your feedback regarding a question that i have....when reassebling the flywheel you have to put it on the dowel pin for positionning, same for the encoder wheel, BUT......what's with the magneto that goes inside the encoder wheel....nothing to position there....???

    The service manual doesn't state anything regarding to the magneto itself, only for the flywheel and the encoder wheel.

    2-Suppose i had an 06 engine....then when i dissasembled it, both the flywheel+encoder wheel were positionned on the dowel pin on the crankshaft......then i did get a replacement engine that WAS SUPPOSED to be also an 06.....but only then i noticed that when i position both engine aside of each other, the crankshaft is the same EXCEPT THAT....once the engine is locked on the locking pin via the crankshaft.....the 'infamous' dowel pin that serve to position both wheels....IS NOT POSITIONNED at the same place at all....????

    I tried to start the engine with the flywheel and encoder on this pin, it just won't start....misfire or bad fire timing.....then I DISSASEMBLED IT AGAIN, and i must admit that i am really tempted to just remove the damn dowel pin, and position the flywheel+encoder just by the bolt pattern so that the flywheel and encoder sits just where they were on the old crankshaft....just where the dowel is on the old engine....

    Any inputs or info to share about this....???

    I mean on the old engine crankshaft once locked the dowel pin sits at about 7 1/2 on a clock dial formthe center of the pto shaft.....and on the crankshaft from the new engine i have the dowel sitting at about 11 o'clock again to the center of the PTO shaft.....that is what i mean, i am tempted to remove the dowel on the new engine and just position the flywheel and encoder about the same place (would be very close to the old crankshaft unit)

    Any comments....? Which engine year should it be since the dowels are not at the same place versus the original 06 damaged engine....?

    Lots of questions hein...? Do not want to remove the engine for another time....

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    I might just give it a try, remove the darn dowel pin, and reposition the flywheel and encoder wheel with the mounting bolts, so that they are closer to what the old crankshaft was looking to with the pin located elsewhere.

    Should someone have comments please fell free to post, the fact is since the guy who sold me the engine told me it was an 06.....i really never compared the crankshaft dowel position from the bad....i should have checked that, anyway.....i figure it should start now with the 'corrected' flywheel and encoder wheel position.

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    Hi guys, just to give you an update on this.

    Everything is working well the engine is in the boat and working properly now.
    It fired right at the first attempt and seem to be working efficiently.

    Tomorrow i will put it on the lake to test drive it.

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    What caused the problem then?

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