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    gp760 help ---- oil/air filters

    I am busting out my 1997 gp760 finally from the garage. I have not started this probably since 2001. Ya I know right.

    So I purchased a RIVA FILTER KIT back in 2000 and started installing it. I think I have everything on correctly except the oil pump hoses are still attached to the carb cover. I am assuming this is wear the oil is injected into the gas ?

    here is a link the the blow up image :

    as you can see there are hoses from the oil pump valve going up to the carbs cover, wich was removed when I placed the riva filters on there.

    How much of the oil pump / valve do I remove ? Do I remove everything ? Including the valve that was connected to the oilpump/flywheel and all the hoses up to the oil tanks and the oil tank itself ?

    Also, this has not been started in like 7 years, I need to do some prep before I attempt this ... I should prob get some new spark plugs, and take out the old gas etc etc lol .. any other suggestions ?

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    make sure you take the carbs apart and give them a good cleaning might also be time to rebuild them, check/ replace fuel lines and fuel filter. Just a couple things you should do..

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