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    DIY thru hull???

    I would imagine someone has already done this and its relatively simple, but I haven't seen any posts on it. Can you use the stock exhaust hose and just cut it to length (possibly splicing different segments with aluminum tubing) and attach it to the exhaust tip? I'm thinking there should be an easy way to do it. The only thing I would think that could make things slightly difficult is making the attachment for the exhaust cooling bypass waterline. I would think I could just thread in a 90* barb into a piece of aluminum tubing and be fine. If there is anyone out there that has successfully made one, I'd be interested in how you did before I rip my ski apart again and drill for the exhaust tip. Thanks!

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    Ykno, we had someone try his way last year to do the same, and make his own.
    Admitedly the postage to get the GH shop one is quite a cut of the price, so he tried to save on it all.

    He finished with a superbly crafted Stainles pipe, which even looked the part too.

    Unfortunately it was too heavy, and pulled itself out of the rear as he shot across the bay. Net result was one sinking ski, Charger water-logged, inlet full, shot plugs.... and that horrible feeling of loss!!

    I often have this conversation, and my conclusion is the GH one works, it is tested, and seldom if any disasters are encountered with it.

    My advice is to go for the one in the shop here, and avoid any possible risk of turning your ski into a submarine.

    The rear hole is one hell of an easy way for water to get in, and ruin your pride and joy.

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    Sounds good. I'm all about saving a little money here and there, but never at the cost of reliability, rideability, or the chance of sinking. I'll just spend the extra money, and have it done right and not have to worry. Thanks for the reply.

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