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    Intake grate question

    Is an intake grate on a 750 sl necessary?

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    of course. why do you think they put it on there! lol the grate prevents big items like rocks and debris from getting sucked up into the pump

    it also serves a liability thing when they sold them. it keeps your fingers out of the impellor area.

    it also directs water into the pump area for the impellor to grab onto..

    some grates hold you to the water and others let you get high speed. Theres many types for different applications.

    On the pro785, The R and D intake grate off a 650sl is the best grate all around performance..

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    Quote Originally Posted by 750sl View Post
    Is an intake grate on a 750 sl necessary?
    Do you want to keep fixing impellers and jet pumps?

    Do you want your pump to stay hooked up?

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