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    Launched my used 11 day old ski

    2002 Yamaha GP1200R

    Y'all gonna' love this!

    Never had a ski and pontoons only....

    launched today for the first time...all is well except I didn't put in the 2 drain rode like a pig wowled (sp) left and right.....low in the water...sluggish....

    made a turn at slow speed and thought she was going to tip over so I jumped drifted about 30 yds away so I had to swim to it.........climbed up the back and sat there for several minutes to catch my breath...I'm 67 so all this suxs!!!

    Punched it one time....almost jumped out from under me.... and saw 59mph....too fast even for someone that has been above Mach One....

    I purchased a used jet port and I am ready to get the ski up in the air and drain the water out...up onto the port and the weight pushes the port down below the ends of the 4" PVC pipes that keep the port in I'm on the port and it is floating away from the dock.....had to get off and into the water to get the port from under the ski........

    The ski will spend the night up on the shore.......tied to a tree.....if it sinks it can't go down more than 2 inches....famous last words!.

    More adventures tomorrow!!


    Update: It didnt sink so all is good...actually only had about 4 qts of water in the neighbor rode it , he has a 2000 GPR and sez it is great!! I removed a river anchor from the front compartment and now it rides a little for the ride...I was going too slow and the ski wasn't on plane..spent about 2 hrs on it sat and had a blast!

    The ski port doesn't have enough lift to hold the ski...looking for one now. ( got a good one!)

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    One too many

    was this you on your way to the ramp?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    No.....I was wearing shorts.......I also had my glasses hanging from my right ear...Getting cool 'surfer dude' strings to make sure I don't loose them.


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    Bill, I hope I am still riding my ski at 67.

    Enjoy the ski Sir! Put the plugs in and ride it like you stole it after you get all the water out.

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