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    Video question - 94 SL650

    2 questions in my video : a tube I can't identify, and simple question regarding fuel / water separator.

    I placed a previous post regarding issues I'm having with this ski, basically bogging out.

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    the red ring in the fuel water separator should be at the bottom as it is. if the bowl had water in it the red ring will float to the top. its "A" ok

    that tube is it not the battery vent tube? it connects to the battery. the connection is on the side of the battery. slide the tube into the battery vent

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    as you asked in the video... that fuel seperator is fine. you wont put air in the lines if the engine is not running think about it, how would it move into the line if there no pressure to move it right? right.

    if you would like to just drain the seperator, just unscrew it, clean it and refill it witth 2-stroke oil and gas. at 40/1 ratio.. thats 3.2 oz per gallon or 16 oz/5gallons.

    your ski in particular has a long history of potential problems in the fuel system. the pickups in the tank get old and the screens fal off. did ya check that?

    You need to do some stuff to the ski before it becomes reliable for ya.. Many people on here have already done maintenance on thiers and thiers are running good now.

    A triple outlet fuel pump is whatcha want to switch too. the reason? the pump you have is stock. it does become weak over time. what that does is diminish the amount of fuel that the pump actually pumps..
    when this happens, the cylinders start starving for fuel and you get a burnt piston or a hole in it..

    replacing all the fuel lines, carb,getting rid of the auto cock and cleaning or rebuilding the carbs are the norm.

    the pump is like 30.00 ,fuel line 25 ft is about .80/ft and carb kits are 129.00 for all 3. we can help you plumb the new system and lines. and help with the carb rebuilds if you need help. its not that bad, dont be scared of it..

    once you get the parts out and replaced, youll see how it all works together. the pulse line needs to be replaced also.. pay attention to any restrictors in your line... ie fuel restrictior(very tiny brass piece in the line) tied with a tie-wrap around it. very small.

    that must be kept to build fuel pressure..

    theres links on here to show you diagrams of how to plump the pump..

    use can use the search function on the front page to find almost anything you need. if not, just ask, we'll point you in the right direction..

    even the float in the fuel tank can get full of water and not be floating in the tank like it should be.. check your tank for debris in it.. use new gas and oil too. bad gas is no good for your ski. it clogs stuff up and loses its octane over time..

    if you get the float out by itself, drop it in water, if it floats half way, your good, if it sinks its bad, if it almost floats but not really or just barely floating? junk too.

    Thats a vent tube, it would normally connect to the battery on the side if it has a vent on it.. newer batterys or i should say good ones,,,,are gelcell batterys. they withstand the harsh envirements of a jet ski bouncing around and the heat and vibration.. A good AGM battery(gel cell) is about 95.00 approx. i know its not cheap, but polaris skis are finiky with voltage and starting voltages.

    just look on your battery, if it has a vent tube hole, reattach that line to it, that will vent out any hydrogen gas that escapes from the battery..

    you might wanna check the black cap ring around the seperator for cracking. mine was cracked. hope this gives you some insight on what ya got there.. they are fun skis. not the fastest, but lots of fun spinning 360's and sliding around corners!

    On that line you had in your hand, if it stops right there and cant go back to the battery, its your pitot tube for your speedometer if you have a gauge on that ski, not sure right off hand/ i never owned one. but anyways,, if your speedometer is not working, thats why. there a white shark fin looking thing under those plastic covers and hoses around the driveshaft.

    that lil fin screws on to the hull and pokes out under the ski where the grate is. it detects pressure by the water pushing on the air in the tube and thats how it tells you your speed.

    the hole in the fin should be pointing forward so that water can get in it and it should be tight to the hull and the little tube connected to it,,
    if you were to follow that line, youd see that it snakes up under the hood to the gauge and connects to the back of the gauge.

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    Bowsniper thanks so much for your thorough reply! I'm going to replace pretty much the whole fuel system as you suggested. I never thought to check the float in the tank, I will do that this weekend.

    Where do I get that fuel pump for $30.00? Called some local jet ski shops in Phoenix area and they want $69.00 . thanks

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