This is old stuff for the experienced pro's here but I am slow and just finishing my boat. Stock 185hp that I put a solas 12/20 impeller on. Boat ran 58 or soon the dream meter. Skoepp here gave me a fantastic deal on a rxp ecu and 58 pound pressure regulator. Woke up the ski. 63-64 mph the same as my stock f-15x at 6470 rpm. The sea doo is at 7,500 rpm max.

Went to Fresno and had clawson's guy Steve install an extra fuel tank to increase the range and he checked the CPU and it's capable of 8,100 rpm.

He has run the 185's at the 8,100 rpm and says no problem and the difference between the two rpms will add 1 pound of boost.

Ski has 150 compression across the cylinders.

I do not want to do any mods as it runs fine and is quiet and reliable.

The question seems to me that the prop is geared too high for the 04 metal pump and the 185hp motor.

The solas is a 4 blade 12/20 that was repitched by Dave at impro's to 12/19 or so. Rpms went from 7,300 to 7,500.

What does it take in impellers to get to the 8,100 range and does the motor have enough power to do it.

In other words if I gear it down will it still stop at 7500?

Was a three blade original with 13/23?

Surely all this was done long ago.

Thanks. Bob

Just want all that's easily there.