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    1994 SL650 Piston Replacement

    My friend just was gifted a 1994 SL650.
    She tells me that she "Just needs to replace the piston"
    I was invited over today to help her with it.
    From what I am reading this is not going to be "just a piston"
    any advice or pdf's may help. Having trouble finding the publication I need.
    Mr BTG Chris

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    welcome to green hulk mr.big and you need to be looking in the polaris section for your 650 rebuild and depending how bad it is it this will be the parts needed

    1. piston (ebay)
    2. cylinder head (i have 3) ill sell 1 for $15
    3. cylinder (i have 3) ill sell one for 25
    4. base gasket and cylinder head gasket (cheap)

    usually burnt pistons are caused by lean siezure because that cylinder was running to lean got to hot and melted, usually a carb rebuild is in good order and if you havent yet remove the auto cock, install the tripple mikuni fuel pump, (ebay) i have one somewhere too. also replace the fuel lines and make sure you get the propper sized restrictor to go in the return fuel line.

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