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    Virgina car inspections

    How tuff are they on inspections in Virgina? im moving there this fall and my car has long tubes and the only thing i have on for emissions is the cat.

    i was wondering if some of you guys could tell me how hard it would be to get it inspected its a 95 and im gona be over in bedford county

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    You should be fine. The only area they do a sniffer test is in northern Va.
    The state inspection is not too bad. Brakes,tires,lights, no holes in exhaust,no cracks in windshield,horn and a few other things.

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    I had my vette with catless LTs pass inspection last year. Trick is to know someone who works at a shop. Id imagine your car will pass as long as cats are on.

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    What Beagleman said.

    And, welcome to the neighborhood.....Road Connections in town is where I take my vehicles.

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