I had 10 Yamaha WaveRaider 1100's Sold 8 Still have 2 Modded ones. I have parts to trade/sell + questions.
Front crank seal leaked caused ski to stop running. Motor out, front cover off, cleaned most oil off using pp towels and carb cleaner. Timing gear pulling today and w/ remove rear pto gear. Bought motor used, just in case front crank seal was not originally installed correctly, does anyone have a pic of the correct way (position)? The service manual does not seem to emphasize or enlarge pic of Seals. I have 3 genuine yama seals 1 for front 2 for the rear. gonna do both. $65 plus tax paid. SBT had kit for $20 +$10 ship for all, and said they had more metal renforcement but went 2 yam dlr instead. Anyway do I position the resessed area in or out, larger seals sort of look like a couch caster wheel cushion or stopper. Do I have 2 remove exaust, really? I may put rope down spark cly. for removing pto gear. Gonna work on this today 6-12-10 and Sunday. email me at [email protected] or call 315-789-2000 Thanks Also have many N&Used impellers and many, many other goodies for these skis. even a 2 piece slightly used Tiny Dukas water box, loud but performed, only used maybe 5 hours. Thanks, read many posts, became member today. Desperate to do this right. Using 46mm carbs on each. Also looking for best way to hook up primer kit for each 2 skis. Any primer rings w/ gas hook-ups already installed available out there? All help welcome Thanks mucho amounts in advance!