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    I have a dumb question about my gas cap

    I have a 97 xp runs great only issue is after riding if i stop it may not start again unless i shut the gas off and turn it over until it starts i guess its flooding that bad but my real question is if i take my gas cap off the fuel tank is under alot of pressure is this normal or is the cap suppose to vent the tank?

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    I guess what im asking is the cap soppose to vent the pressure if so i guess i need a new one?

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    One of the four lines on the fuel bafel top is the Breath line. It tees and one line goes
    up to a one-way valve, up to the exit at front compartment latch where it can drink in air. The other goes to a one-way valve to expell any over-pressure in the tank, under the rub rail gunwhale strip. Both valves are designed to vent at 3-5 lbs psi.
    If its clogged, overpressure can overpower the spring on needle/seat valve in carburetors and flood the engine with gas. Plugs can't ignite if therir wet, and the
    starter can wear out pre-maturely. Bills86e

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    Also, read your manual to see what specs you ski's compression is allowable, then do
    a compression test, after your read the proceedure. Low compression means wet plugs as all the gas cannot burn. Bill

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    that was the first thing i checked when i got it and both cylinders are just over 120?

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