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    WTB Impeller for 95 SLT

    My impeller broke today!!! A fin is gone.... It was crazy we were just crusing down the lake and all of a sudden the rpms went way up and my speed went down. Right after that i got her out of the water to find the impeller was busted. I was in very deep water at the time. So anyway im going to need one ASAP. If you have one please PM me.


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    i am pretty sure, i have a good one here, give me an email, or call the shop monday, and remind me to look.

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    have a good used one for 75.00 plus shiping

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    SBT rebuilds them for $25 whether theres a fin broken/missing or not.. I had a tigershark impeller that did the same thing and it came back looking bran new. shipping might get you I think its $15 but it gets trued and balanced as long as the splines are good then your a good candidate for the rebuild.

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