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    '02 genesis 1200 DI - Oil Pump

    I am having trouble getting a solid answer on how to verify if my oil pump is working. If I disconnect one of the lines at the throttle body with the engine running and oil lever at max, should I be seeing a flow? Any help will be appreciated.


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    You should see an oil flow, but at idle RPM, the flow will be very slow. Even with the pump arm raised up by hand, it will flow oil at about one 40th the rate it is using fuel. At idle RPM, it is not using much fuel.

    To monitor oil flow with clear oil lines, disconnect one of the throttle body oil lines at the oil pump. Allow a small air bubble to form in the oil line, then re-connect.

    Now you can observe the air bubble moving through the oil line as the engine runs. This is best done with the hull in the water, so that you can run the engine for longer than the two minute maximum on the garden hose.

    If you want to monitor the engine in the water without riding around, strap the hull down to the trailer front and rear, then back down the launch ramp until the jet pump intake is submerged. Now you can run the engine as long as you like, even open up the throttle to increase engine RPM.

    Note: With Ficht fuel injection, you can not add oil to the fuel tank. The oil injection system must be operational.

    If you are concerned about oil delivery after changing oil lines or other work, you can dribble a small amount of oil down each throttle body. That oil will provide some additional lubrication for a while.

    Another test method is to unbolt the oil pump, then rig up the pump drive to an electric drill running in reverse. Then you can run the oil pump without running the engine, and observe the oil flow.

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