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    R&D ride plate speedo sensor FXHO

    I know that they are not accurate.I'm just looking to return it back to the way it worked in stock form.Has anyone had any luck shimming the speedo on a R&D ride plate on a FXHO?If you have had any luck ,please let me know how many washers and exactly where you put them.

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    You can't just shim the plate back to try to get the speedo working or you're defeating the purpose of changing plates in the first place. You have to have the R&D plate machined to match the stock plate geometry (assuming this is even possible on an FXHO), then shim the sensor to get the functionality back. You'll need a GPS to verify as you shim the sensor. I did all this w/ my VX plate on my FZS. It worked, but was a lot of trouble. I've haven't tried it on a R&D plate. If you take the stock and R&D plate to a good machinist, who is willing to do the work, you should be able to find out if it's possible.

    Just to make it more tedious, any changes you make to the plate shims require changes to the sensor shims. Also, the angle of the screws that secure the sensor may differ between the two plates. I had to drill & tap the VX plate to get the angle to match the stocker, then go with larger mounting screws.

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    Sorry I guess I wasn't specific about what I wanted to shim. I meant shimming just the sensor not the plate (between the sensor and the ride plate).I think I got it pretty close I used 2 washers under each of the front 2 bolts. Much better than before.

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